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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I was scrolling through twitter when i saw a post from Rimmel about the new lasting finish by Kate moss nude collection. I adore nude lipsticks and i am a huge fan of the Kate moss collection so i had to order some. I first ended up getting them from super drug on line as boots were sold out and they are currently buy one get one half price. Looking at the collection i thought the two that i would like the most were 42 and 45.

The packaging isn't the same as the other Kate lipsticks but the same as the usual rimmel lipsticks. They also have the smell of rimmels standard lipsticks which i personally really don't like. The formulation has a shine to it and isn't as pigmented as the matte collection. I personally like matte lipsticks but i still really liked these. 
 Number 42 is a pale nude, but not one that washes me out. 45 is the nude i was most excited about. I currently am loving dark pink nudes and i am constantly wearing brave by MAC and i thought this looked quite similar. In the packaging it looks a lot darker than on the lips. Although its the 2nd darkest it comes out a lot lighter on the lips. It is the perfect daytime nude and will suit most skin tones. I would recommend a lip liner with both of these if you want them to last. They have the long lasting formulation but if you eat or drink then expect to reapply. The collection consists of 5 lipsticks (one of which is a balm) and 5 nude nail polishes. All under £6 each.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My top 5 Slimming world snacks & Update #2

This week i have lost 2lbs, I'm really happy with this and i am so close to my 2 stone loss. We have a wedding to go to at the beginning of the month and we went shopping on the weekend and i saw a

Friday, 10 July 2015

St.Tropez in shower gradual tan review

When i first heard the St.Tropez we bringing out a in shower gradual tan i thought finally this sounds like just what a busy mum of two needs! I was so excited for it to launch but from reading some of

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Slimming world update & meal plan

I haven't posted a Slimming world update for a while. Since i got down to my pre (Oakley) pregnancy weight i hit a halt with my weightless. I really struggled to move the scales even when i was sticking
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